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Welcome to STAGE- A Student Culinary Arts Experience. Bringing creativity, art, food, cooking, and real world business to students. Stage is a student culinary arts project that puts our youth into the kitchens of todays top restaurants. STAGE students are working directly with the most established chefs in the culinary world, while building real life pop-up restaurant business’.

With an unparalleled approach to the student experience, STAGE aims to build on the creative spirit of it’s students. Based on the idea that students will benefit from potential failure and gain immeasurable value from real experience the A.C.E. Core Values were created: Artistic, Culinary, Enrichment. A.C.E. encompasses the creative spirit allowing it’s students to see realistic paths to careers in creatively driven fields like the culinary world. We believe that the term ‘Artist’ should be further associated with professionalism than “starving”. In a STAGE program the artistic expression is the food. It is our passion to push an emphasis on food knowledge and cooking technique, while learning about the health and benefits of better eating. Our students develop a respect for the culinary art form, as well as a stronger awareness of what they eat, while developing respect for ingredients and process.

STAGE students are responsible for maintaining a viable business as well. In a STAGE program our students are developing business awareness while tapping into their creative motivations. Enrichment thrives in the process of seeing an idea conceptualize into a product and experience that the public enjoys and actively participates in. Every STAGE program is a student voyage into professional, creative, healthy real world experiences.